Nike unveils its latest masterpiece……

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Nike, a household name when it comes to sport or style. The most popular brand in the world has devised a new shoe…. The Women’s NIKE SB Dunks. Imagine a regular (yet dope) SB Dunk, with a 2 inch heel injected into the bottom and there you have it… Its simplicity yet innovative look has me left wondering, just how far will Nike take it. The shoe itself looks stunning and I see the day where they become a “norm” among the OC/LA youth culture….not to mention our uncle… NY. Available in all sorts of colors and styles, Nike has, in my mind, set the bar when it comes to women’s shoe game and I applaud them for it. Now I would tell you about the material and all that jazz but who really cares? Unless its leather or some special fabric, I could care less what its made of. I just know it looks dope….and if I had a lady, she’d be rockin a couple pairs of these!

Check out some pictures! Snagged from! Apparently its the only place you can purchase them at the moment but don’t quote me on it!



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Boombox 4 Year Anniversary ft. Pete Rock and CL Smooth

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A show bringing a reputation built on four years of dope shows. Four years of hard work. Four years of good drinks, good food, good people and of course good music. The “BoomBox” held at the Grand Star Jazz Club has hosted plenty of world class talents, as well as the legendary hip-hop duo of  Pete Rock and CL Smooth. Also gracing the grounds… Battlecat, Black Milk, Ali Shaheed Muhammad, Dam Funk, Diamond D, J Boogie, Talib Kweli as well as Illa J.

The Boombox’s local resident DJ’s, InkaOne, One Man Jazz and Ben Diggin have been holding it down and always giving the crowd something to shout about. The contagious mix off jazz and hip hop as kept people coming back on the 1st Saturday of every month.

Last night marked the 4 year anniversary of the Los Angeles showcase and who better to bring down the house then Pete Rock and CL Smooth. Although CL wasn’t on the cards, early signs pointed to him making an appearance. Some hits were played, some hits weren’t, but whatever the line up was….there was really only one song that every other track was building to. “They Reminisce Over You (T.R.O.Y.) ” must go down as one of the dopest hip hop tracks of all time. Pete and CL Killed it. Check out the track below, as well as some pictures taken by us here at O.C.T.I.

Check back for more updates regarding, The Boombox, The Grand Star Jazz Club and the Orange County Turntable Institute real soon!

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Pete Rock and CL Smooth – They Reminisce Over you

Thirteen Minutes 2nd Annual Halloween Party

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Thirteen Minutes Magazine had their annual Halloween party and what a party it was. OCTI was on hand with our very own, DJ Tyler Olson and Jesse Hantla pumping out the vibe. OCTI family members DJ Y-Not and DJ Snail were also on hand to mix it up, much to the delight of the crowd.

Entering the party was a task all in it’s own as the maze thrust at you upon entering was far from easy…..add a few drinks in the mix and your sure to get lost. Each and every office was decorated with cobwebs, gravestones and the usual decor you find at a great Halloween party. OCTI, armed to the tooth with speakers, turntables and lights put a “spin” on their office. A plastic skull, decked out with Skull Candy headphones sat atop our spinning decks was the centerpiece to our set up.

Drink specials all night along with good friends and fly girls made it a night to remember for all.  Along with the dark mazes, spooky soundbites, random (yet creative) costumes, dope music, luxury cabanas and of course, OCTI the event was exceptional to say the least.

Check out some pics……..

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And a video!


Vibing Orange….brought to you by The Orange County Turntable Institute

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The Orange County Turntable Institute brings you “Vibing Orange” a blog dedicated to musicianship, turntablism, life and everything else that we like to chat about here at O.C.T.I.

The Orange County Turntable Institute was created to both preserve and promote the art of electronic music production with an emphasis towards turntable musicianship.

The Institute is for students that want to learn every aspect of DJ’ing from the history to advanced skills. By linking the art with the science of music theory and current production methods and techniques, the Orange County Turntable Institute seeks to increase the knowledge and understanding of vinyl culture.
–  Daryl Bowen
The Orange County Turntable Institute

Hello Blog World

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The Orange County Turntable Institute is here and enrollment is now…


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